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The NFC Research Center in Hagenberg has developed a test environment for the verification and the performance testing of the Single Wire Protocol (SWP), which defines the interface between a CLF (contactless frontend) and an UICC (universal integrated circuit card). It is possible to emulate an UICC and/or a CLF with the hardware of the test environment. Thus you can connect an external board with an NFC controller via the SWP interface for the testing of the single wire interface on the controller. The test environment is also able to test a SIM card with the emulated CLF.

The development of the test environment includes the design of a hardware platform, the implementation of the SWP from the physical layer up to the logical link control layer, the implementation of the test suite including the interface to the hardware, and the development of test and error cases.

The test cases for the verification include the tests of the timing and voltage parameters at their limits and above. Conformance tests can be accomplished with positive and negative test cases. To test the performance of the DUTs, the bit rate is variable.


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