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NFC-Trial Hagenberg

The NFC Trial in Hagenberg has been launched in November 2006 und is running until July 2007. 100 subjects (50 students and 50 professors, lecturers and employees of the Upper Austria University Of Applied Sciences) have been given NFC enabled mobile phones to test and evaluate the services implemented.

The NFC device chosen was the Samsung X700n. The handset comes with a PN531 NFC chip form NXP and is also equipped with a SmartMX featuring Mifare und JCOP. One nice feature of this device is the possibility to start J2ME applications thru push registry when the SmartMX is read by an external reader.

Four applications have been implemented:

  • Micro payment system based on Mifare/JCOP
  • Access System based on Mifare
  • Loyalty Card for Employees based on Mifare
  • P2P Information Take-Away Service

Currently we do have the following infrastracture for NFC:

  • 74 doors to labs with contactless readers
  • 1 garage equiped with contactless technology
  • 2 cafeterias accepting contactless payment
  • 3 coffee vending machines accepting contactless payment
  • 1 drink vending machine accepting contactless payment
  • 2 P2P terminals for information exchange
  • 3 terminals for loyalty functionality

For detailed information please contact us via email.


FH OOE Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH | Softwarepark 11 • 4232 Hagenberg • Austria