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Monday, 15. December 2008

NFC - Very High Datarates

The NFC Research Lab is Part of the new FIT-IT Project "NFC - Very High Datarates (VHD)". Together with the University of Klagenfurt and Graz as well as NXP Semiconductors the project consortium has a budget of 1.7 Mio Eur for research in this area. Visit VHD

The project VHD breaks the actual limitations of contactless smartcard and NFC (Near Field Communication) applications in terms of low transaction time. Therefore radically innovative transceiver concepts on the one hand side as well as new IC architectures on card and readerside will be developed, open up an enormous new variety of next generation applications- e-passports with a variety of biometric data, e-health cards or multimedia applications for NFC will be enabled. Furthermore it can be expected that with enhanced functionalities also new applications as e-health cards, e-licenses or e-documents will emerge, having a severe influence on our governmental system. Besides e-government it is NFC, which is seen as the contactless smartcard and RFID platform for the mobile phone. It will benefit significantly from the VHD technology due to the fact that this radical improvement opens up the possibility of multimedia applications, which are not possible today. A high market volume can be expected, as new applications associated with mobile devices based on the high-speed communication of high data volumes become more and more important. Such a multimedia NFC application would be a smart poster for purchasing concert, theatre or cinema tickets. If the smart poster is equipped with the VHD technology, the customer can download for example an audio example or a movie trailer before buying the ticket.

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