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Who are we?

The NFC Research Lab in Hagenberg is part of the Research Center Hagenberg at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. It was founded in 2005 focusing on new NFC use cases, hardware implementations and security aspects. In 2006, Austria's first NFC Trial was launched in Hagenberg providing a variety of services never implemented in a trial before. After that time the NFC Research Lab Hagenberg came up with payment and ticketing services, an own reference hardware, several publications, and the organization of the Austrian NFC Congress (since 2007). In order to ensure customers and industrial relevance of the research results, project partners, such as A1 (formerly mobilkom austria) and NXP, brought in practical experience from users point of view. In 2009, the 1st International Workshop on Near Field Communication (NFC'09) took place as part of the NFC Congress in Hagenberg. Since then, an annual International Workshop on Near Field Communication has been organized by the NFC Research Lab Hagenberg, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and ETH Zurich (2010: Monaco, 2011: Hagenberg, 2012: Helsinki, 2013: Zurich).


Monday, 08. February 2016 Program of the NFC Conference in Seibersdorf

The program of the NFC Conference (NFC Fachtagung) in Seibersdorf was finished. You can download the program and further information here. Register now and benefit from the early bird discount. Information about tickets and registration are available on

Monday, 12. October 2015 NFC Conference in Seibersdorf on April 14th, 2016

Seibersdorf Laboratories, in cooperation with the NFC Research Lab Hagenberg, organizes an NFC conference on April 14th, 2016. This event will take place in conjunction with the EMC conference (EMV Fachtagung, April 12th-13th) in Seibersdorf near Vienna.

Monday, 30. March 2015 Book Security Issues in Mobile NFC Devices published by Springer

The book Security Issues in Mobile NFC Devices (a revised version of the PhD thesis of research team member Dr. Michael Roland) was published by Springer in the series T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services this month.

Thursday, 10. April 2014 1.500 Visitors @ Science & Research Night

About 1.500 visitors came to Hagenberg on April 4th to catch up on the research projects of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Johannes Kepler University Linz and local IT companies.

Tuesday, 05. February 2013 NFC 2013 in Zurich

The 5th International Research Workshop with focus on Near Field Communication in Zurich was a great success.

Wednesday, 26. September 2012 Security hole in Google Wallet revealed

Michael Roland, researcher at the NFC Research Lab Hagenberg, revealed security hole in Google Wallet.

Friday, 01. June 2012 NFC Congress 2012 in September

The 5th Congress on Near Field Communication will be held in Hagenberg, Austria, from September 11th –12th, 2012. The big focus this time will be Mobile Payment during the next years.

Friday, 01. July 2011 NFC2012 in Helsinki - Call for Papers

The NFC Research Lab co-organizes the 4th International Research Workshop with focus on Near Field Communication (NFC) - NFC2012, taking place in Helsinki, Finland 2012.

Thursday, 05. May 2011 Lab supplies hotfix to the SMS NDEF bug on Android

Today, the NFC Research Lab released a hotfix for a problem on Android NFC phones (like the Nexus S) when reading SMS messages from NFC tags.

Thursday, 24. March 2011 Ever wanted to know what is stored on your NFC tags?

The NFC Research Lab Hagenberg has released its first app to Android Market. Ever wanted to know what is stored on your NFC tags? Here is the answer: NFC TagInfo, an app for the Nexus S and future NFC-enabled Android devices that reads detailed information from NFC tags and contactless smartcards.


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